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With more than fifty years of experience and technical know-how, Cablel Wires produces enamelled wires that are used worldwide in the most demanding electromechanical applications. The Company’s broad product range is distributed internationally under the Cablel Wires trademark.

The Company is a subsidiary of ElvalHalcor, a leading Europe-based industrial group with global presence, active in the processing and trading of aluminium, copper and titan zinc products.

With continuous investments in manufacturing and testing equipment, and a highly experienced technical and managerial personnel, the Company maintains its efficiency and keeps abreast of the ever changing technological advances within the industry.

The people of Cablel Wires, with their advanced know-how and commitment to excellence, are the driving force of the Company’s success. Strong management commitment to safety is reflected in the Health and Safety policy and measures applied.

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Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility
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Customers in more than 25 countries world wide
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Annual capacity 12.000 TN
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Cablel Wires enameled copper and aluminium wires have consolidated their reputation and are used
worldwide in the most demanding electromechanical applications

automotive industry

Electrical components of vehicles such as door and window openers, ABS brakes, start/ stop system, power mirrors, starters, to alternators and solenoids


renewable energy

Coils, inverters for Wind turbines and Solar systems

Renewable Energy

motors applications

Drives, converters, couplings, pumps, magnet coils


energy distribution

Wind power, computers, elevators, washing mashines, cars, turbines and power distribution networks

Energy Distribution

compressors accessories

Pumps and pressure compressor motors


tooling accessories

Power tools, small motors, relays, coils


white goods

Motors, relays, compressors, fans for heating and cooling systems

White goods

industrial applications

Fans, blowers, inverter and transducer motors, agitators, conveyors, relays, generators etc.


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Your Winding Partner


We aim to manage our business operations sustainably, maximising long-term value creation for all stakeholders. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our principles and corporate policies, and drives our business operations.

Focusing on product development and integration of new technologies for the benefit of the Company and society in general, on the adoption of strict standards for environmental protection and the promotion of Health and Safety in workplace, we demonstrate high level of responsibility towards our people, business partners, other stakeholders and the environment.

The strong management commitment is reflected in the Health and Safety Policy, which is implemented through Health and Safety Management System certified to international standards, ISO 45001:2018.

The Company implements Integrated Environmental Management Systems according to the international standard ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 for Energy Management System, which have been certified by independent, internationally recognized certification body.

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The Company operates a certified Quality Management System in accordance with IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015, while its plans include the implementation of a Total Quality Management System. Many of our products are recognized by UL and referred in E174088 file. The commitment to quality has enabled Cablel Wires to penetrate and establish a strong position in the highly competitive international marketplace. Cablel Wires enamelled wires have consolidated their reputation and are used worldwide in the most demanding electromechanical applications.

The Company’s highly experienced technical and managerial personnel, through unwavering commitment to technological excellence and outstanding quality, ensures that the user of Cablel Wires makes a reliable and sustainable choice.

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Our people

Our employees are highly experienced and qualified. Their expertise and technical know-how, coupled with their dedication to our Company’s vision and shared values enables Cablel Wires’ sustainable growth.

We are committed to uphold human rights, meritocracy and diversity and provide equal opportunities for all employees. We aim at safeguarding a stable and healthy working environment and implement a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to international standard ISO 45001:2018.

We invest in our people and build long lasting relationships with them placing particular emphasis on their ongoing development and training. At Cablel Wires we strive to empower our people and strengthen leadership skills offering a rewarding work environment and continuous development opportunities. Our human resources practices and policies aim to attract, develop and retain capable and talented employees and executives.

Cablel Wires’ culture of teamwork and high performance helps our people to develop their skills and unfold their full working potential.

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